FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets

Sistem tasarımlarında kullandığımız başlıca FM Data Sheet'leri:

FM DS 02-00 Installation Guidelines for Automatic Sprinklers

FM DS 02-01 Corrosion in Automatic Sprinkler Systems

FM DS 02-08 Earthquake Protection for Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

FM DS 02-81 Fire Protection System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance and Other Fire Loss Prevention Inspections

FM DS 03-00 Hydraulics of Fire Protection Systems

FM DS 03-02 Water Tanks for Fire Protection

FM DS 03-07 Fire Protection Pumps

FM DS 03-26 Fire Protection Water Demand for Nonstorage Sprinklered Properties

FM DS 04-01N Fixed Water Spray Systems for Fire Protection

FM DS 04-02 Water Mist Systems

FM DS 04-03N Medium and High Expansion Foam Systems

FM DS 04-07N Low Expansion Foam Systems

FM DS 04-09 Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems

FM DS 04-10 Dry Chemical Systems

FM DS 04-11N Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems

FM DS 04-12 Foam-Water Sprinkler Systems

FM DS 05-40 Fire Alarm Systems

FM DS 05-48 Automatic Fire Detection

FM DS 07-01 Fire Protection for Textile Mills

FM DS 07-04 Paper Machines and Pulp Dryers

FM DS 07-07 Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities

FM DS 07-10 Wood Processing and Woodworking Facilities

FM DS 07-12 Mining and Mineral Processing Facilities

FM DS 07-14 Fire Protection for Chemical Plants

FM DS 07-17 Explosion Protection Systems

FM DS 07-20 Oil Cookers

FM DS 07-21 Rolling Mills

FM DS 07-29 Ignitable Liquid Storage in Portable Containers

FM DS 07-31 Storage of Aerosol Products

FM DS 07-32 Ignitable Liquid Operations

FM DS 07-36 Pharmaceutical Operations

FM DS 07-38 Loss Prevention in Ethanol Fuel Production Facilities

FM DS 07-46 Chemical Reactors and Reactions

FM DS 07-55 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Storage in Stationary Installations

FM DS 07-73 Dust Collectors and Collection Systems

FM DS 07-76 Prevention and Mitigation of Combustible Dust Explosion and Fire

FM DS 07-78 Industrial Exhaust Systems

FM DS 07-88 Ignitable Liquid Storage Tanks

FM DS 07-96 Paper Working and PrintingPrinting Plants

FM DS 07-101 Fire Protection for Steam Turbines and Electric Generators

FM DS 08-01 Commodity Classification

FM DS 08-03 Rubber Tire Storage-Baled Fiber Storage

FM DS 08-07 Baled Fiber Storage

FM DS 08-09 Storage of Class 1, 2, 3, 4 and Plastic Commodities

FM DS 08-10 Coal and Charcoal Storage

FM DS 08-21 Roll Paper Storage

FM DS 08-22 Storage of Baled Waste Paper

FM  DS 08-23 Rolled Nonwoven Fabric Storage

FM DS 08-24 Idle Pallet Storage

FM DS 08-27 Storage of Wood Chips

FM DS 08-29 Refrigerated Storage

FM DS 08-30 Storage of Carpets

FM DS 08-33 Carousel Storage and Retrieval Systems

FM DS 08-34 Protection for Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems